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Love My WeatherTech Liners!

Nombre: Lynn Pedulla
Vehículo: 2018 Honda CR-V

Picked up my weekly grocery order from a large retail chain. They loaded a damaged bottle of BLEACH in the back of my CR-V that I have had less than a year! Thank you, WeatherTech, for living up to your reputation! No damage to the cargo liner or the carpet underneath. An insurance claim was filed just in case damage showed up later, but now that it has been two week, the insurance claim has been closed as there is no visible damage. I am so grateful for my WeatherTech floor liners and cargo liners. I will never buy anything else. They saved my car!

Perfect fit, just warm it up

Vehículo: 2017 Jeep Renegade

This cargo liner was a perfect fit for our Jeep Renegade. It came packaged in a long, narrow, box -so it was rolled when I opened it. It unrolled fine except for the edges. I just laid it on a flat surface and used a hair dryer to warm it up a little and massaged it flat. Fit great and looks great.

Well worth the money

Nombre: Kathy P Rohde
Vehículo: 2016 Ford Escape

A few years ago my mom got a 2016 car and I bought a used 2013 car. My brother in law had recommended WeatherTech mats he had gotten them for his family. My mom asked me to order her a cargo mat. Two days after it arrived we went shopping. She bought a couple bottles of baby oil. We put them in the back a few hours later we arrived home only to find one of the bottles had leaked all over. It took a little time to clean the mat but it saved the rug. Well worth the money. I am really hard on my cars. Had mats for my car.I live were it is muddy & dusty. Just got rid of my car the only really clean spot in the car was the floors. Fist thing I did for my new car was floor mats. We love them.

3rd vehicle I bought weathertech

Nombre: Sarah Crook
Vehículo: 2016 Lincoln MKX

In the past I bought the floor liners loved them so much I just recently bought the cargo liner! So worth it! I highly recommend weathertech!

Saved Me!

Nombre: Terry Mathias
Vehículo: 2017 Ford Escape

Having the cargo liner has already saved me plenty of money. With a couple of spills, the replacement cost for carpeting ... or even the reduced trade-in value ... has been saved with this product. And it wears very well, too. I agree with Ben Franklin: "Penny wise, pound foolish."